our story

It all started with chickens, as these homestead stories often do…

We decided to get a couple of laying hens and somehow we ended up with a couple hundred!  I guess that’s chicken math.

Adam’s love of farming started when he was very young, helping his dad in the home garden and his grandad in the hayfields and with the cows.  We were married in November 2007 and decided to get a few laying hens and grow a summer garden pretty soon after getting married.  A few years later the opportunity came for us to purchase the homeplace where Adam grew up as a kid.  This offered more land and the opportunity to raise livestock and have a larger garden.

We started with one dairy cow (a small dexter-jersey named Betty) who provided more than enough milk for our growing family. Then the neighbors started asking for any extra we had. We quickly learned there was a need in our community. One cow grew to 8 lactating cows at the height of our operation.

We have grown several thousand tomato plants for several summers as well as other produce and meat. We have tried just about everything to see what worked best for our family. The raw dairy is what stuck most for us. Not only do we believe raw dairy to be truly revolutionary to the health problems that we faced as a family, but we advocate for people with previously diagnosed “intolerances” to give raw dairy a try. It has quite literally changed the lives of hundreds of families in our area.

Our 4 children are a huge help around the farm!  Sydney, our oldest, is responsible for evening milking and moving the cows.  Stella is responsible for cleaning all of the milking equipment twice daily and gladly takes care of any animal that needs attention around the farm.  Travis and Sawyer love to help Adam with any project around the farm and are good hard workers.

We believe it is possible to have a multi-generational farm where everyone works together for the common goal of making the farm a better, more productive place for years to come.